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Golden Jubilee Foundation

The Golden Jubilee year is a major landmark for any Institution. L.T.M.G. Hospital has established the Golden Jubilee Foundation to coordinate its various activities. Its primary focus is to examine the hospital's past acheivements, complete its current projects, and plan for the future.

The Golden Jubilee Foundation is blessed to have the former Superintendents and Deans on its advisory committee. They have been instrumental in the hospital becoming the premier institute that it is today. A strong executive committee is coordinating the various scientific, cultural and fund raising activities for the year.

The Golden Jubilee Foundation Committee:


Vice President:
Dr. M.Kulkarni & Dr.S.R.Somai

Dr. A.Gogate & Dr.Shanta S.

Dr. H.R.Jerajani

Joint Secretary :
Dr.S.Oak & Dr. Alok Sharma

Chairpersons of Committees:

Fund raising Committee:
Dr. K.R. Ramamurthi & Dr. Mukund Joshi

Scientific Committee:
Dr. Shanti Pantvaidya & Dr. Madhuri Gore

Cultural Committee:
Dr. Neela Patil & Mr. Chandrakant Desai

Souvenir Committee:
Dr. Lata Bichelle & Dr. Prabha Sawant

Renovation Committee:
Dr. R.L.Thatte

Executive Committee:

Dr.T.T.Changlani, Dr. K.P.Chawla, Dr. A.P.Chauker, Dr.A.R.Fernandez, Dr.M.R.Lokeshwar, Dr.C.K.Chauhan, Mr.S.S.Dalvi, Mr.Chandu Desai, Mrs.E.Thomas, Mrs. J.H.Mehta, Dr. A.V.Rankhambe,Dr.A.M.Patwardhan, Dr. Santosh Karmarkar, Mrs. Rohini Kulkarni, Mr.F.N.Khan, Mr. V.J.Palande, Ms.Ona Vyas, Ms. Usha Kamdar

Golden Jubilee Secretariat:
Dr. Hema Jerajani,
Secretary- Golden Jubilee Foundation,
Room no. 453 Department of Dermatology Office,
L.T.M.G. Hospital,
Sion, Mumbai - 400022, India.
Tel: 4076381 Ext:- 320
All faxes to be sent to (+91 22) 4076100

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