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Importance of the Hospital to the city of Mumbai

L.T.M.G. Hospital is a teaching hospital in a vital area of Mumbai. Due to its location at the termination of both the Eastern and Western Express Highways, it receives the victims of most vehicular accidents. It also receives accident victims from the Main and Harbor Railway lines. The hospital also faces the brunt of any riots that occur north of the city, in the communally sensitive areas of Dharavi and Koliwada. Well-equipped and specialized Intensive Care Units extend the much needed "right help at the right moment," thus salvaging many critically-ill patients.

In addition, it provides the much-needed care to the average person through its speciality departments. This kind of care would otherwise be unavailable in the smaller hospitals. Our community health care medicine and family welfare programs help the poor with their illnesses, plan their family and ensure survival of their children.

Role of the L.T.M.G. Hospital in some of the major disasters in Mumbai in the last two decades:

1978 - Train collision at Raowli camp: 153 patients were admitted of which 25 died within minutes of admission, 5 died within 48 hours and the remaining were discharged. 37 operations were carried out in 24 hours.
1978 - Riots during Police strike
1983 - Fire in chemical factory in Vapi: 11 patients admitted.
1984 - Explosion in Bombay factory: 17 patients treated of which 2 died & 15 survived.
1984 - Bhiwandi Riots: 189 patients were treated with 87 admissions of which 2 died.
1985 - Factory disaster - Chlorine gas leak: 82 patients admitted and there were no fatalities.
1988 - Fire in Bharat petoleum in Bombay: 31 patients admitted of which 22 died.
1990 - Enteric (Dombivali) Fever: Epidemic of Chloramphenicol resistant fever with patients presenting with multi organ failure.
1990 - Disaster at IPCL cracker plant: 22 died on the spot & 12 patients admitted to LTMG hospital.
1991 - Ammonia Leak: 34 patients were admitted.
1993 - City Bomb Blast: Following the unfortunate Bomb blasts in the city, 64 victims were brought to our hospital, of which 32 were admitted, 30 were treated & discharged and 2 died after admission.
1994 - Plague Epidemic: 22 patients admitted.
1994 - Train bomb blast: 41 patients were admitted, of which 36 were admitted, 34 were discharged and 2 died following after admission.
1995-1996 - Cerebral malaria: 275 patients of chloroquine resistant malaria diagnosed and treated.
1995-1996 - Leptospirosis: 36 patients admitted and treated.
1996 - Dharavi school stampede: 17 children were admitted of which all were discharged.
1996 - Bhiwandi food poisoning-Neuropuralytic illness: 57 patients were admitted following the food poisoning at the Bhiwandi, of these 47 died despite all attempts to treat them and 3 were treated and discharged.

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