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As Mumbai enters the 21st Century, L.T.M.G. Hospital is gearing itself to provide for the health needs of the city in a way that is comparable to the best in the world. Simultaneously, we are making vigorous efforts to improve and clean the entire campus. The hospital is also renovating its existing infrastucture facilities and staff accommodations.

Future Plans:

(1) A state of the art integrated Emergency Medical Center (for all trauma & critical care areas) with the finest medical facilities, including a helicopter evacuation service.

(2) A 400-seater, fully-equipped auditorium with the most advanced audiovisual facilities.

(3) MRI scanner

(4) Computerized networking of all the critical care and surgical areas with the service departments.

(5) Computerized networking of the Library Information Services.

(6) Upgrading and renovation of the various hospital and medical college areas.

Other key areas being developed include:

Fetal & genetic medicine, yoga neurophysiology, AIDS surveillance, virology, neonatal & pediatric intensive care, minimal invasive cardiac surgery, cardiac endovascular procedures, renal transplants, laproscopic gastrointestinal surgery, haematooncology, viteotetinal surgery, otologic & sinuscopsic surgery, bronchology, joint replacements, reconstructive spinal surgery, stereotactic & functional neurosurgery, craniofacial surgery, microvascular reconstructive surgery, 3D computerized imaging, electron microscopy, laser therapy, pediatric urology, nuclear medicine, and many others.

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