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Activities of the Golden Jubilee Foundation

Fund Raising Campaigns:
One of the main aims of the Golden Jubilee year will be to generate funds for the various modernization programs and for ongoing research activities.

Cultural Shows:
Cultural events and charity shows are being organized to encourage home talent and to raise funds.

CME/Academic Programs:
Numerous academic meetings are being regularly conducted for the medical, paramedical as well as labour staff.

Sarvajenic Utsav:
The Utsav is meant to provide a common platform for the social activities of the labour staff.

Renovation of the Campus:
The entire campus is being improved

Golden Jubilee Souvenir:
A golden jubilee souvenir is currently ready for distribution. The souvenir will document the genesis and growth of the institute and its various departments over the last 50 years. This souvenir will be one that every Sionite will be proud and happy to possess.

Golden Jubilee week:

Will be celebrated from the 17th to the 24th of April 1997.
The program is as follows:

17th - Thursday - Inauguration
18th - Friday - Academic Program
19th - Saturday - Cultural program by staff
20th - Sunday - Cricket match (Teams : Senior Staff , Resident Medical Officers, Students, Administrative Staff)
21st - Monday - Sound & Light show featuring the Institute
22nd-Tuesday - Orchestra
23rd-Wednesday - PALS Dinner
24th-Thursday - Valedictory Function

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